This past spring I finally started a makeup blog here one Tumblr, and made myself a Wordpress site.

With work and school and everything else in life, I realized how much I’ve neglected it. Today I sit watching a makeup video on YouTube and realize how happy I am- and how much happier I would be if I really worked on blogging so that I could hopefully one day have a following like these makeup gurus!

I recently purchased my own domain name ( and I plan to activate it soon. I know it will take soooooo long, but even if I do small posts every few days, it is a great way to spend my time online, rather than just browsing endlessly.

I’m excited. I know no one is probably reading this, but just trying out my thoughts motivates me.

Welcome to Chiefs Flutes, my perfect Little ♡ #MCATDT

Wahhhh, great price but doesn’t really set work for me -____-

My first Rimmel purchases ever! Not sure about primer yet…but so far, I’m liking the mascara that I’ve heard so much about!

#Rimmel #makeupaddict #makeup #mascara #bbloggers



Loving being pampered by my brilliant little Vow VoxBox, which is ironically received one week after being a bridesmaid in my sister’s wedding! I’m impressed! EcoTools, Olay- all great products. I will be reviewing the Olay cream soon, as it claims to help with dark facial spots! #Influenster #VoxBox

I rented a new friend ☆